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Selected Writings From Raintree County

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--For Raintree County is not the country of the perishable fact. It is the country of the enduring fiction. The clock in the Court House Tower on page five of the Raintree County Atlas is alway fixed at nine o'clock, and it is summer and the days are long.

From Raintree County:

FOR THE READER and Chronology of A GREAT DAY for RAINTREE COUNTY, July 4, I892

CHRONOLOGY OF SOME HISTORICAL EVENTS with Bearing on the Story of RAINTREE COUNTY--from 1816 when Indiana becomes a State and John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) plants apple-tree nurseries in the Middle West, through 1892 when on July 4 the Populist Party convenes at Omaha, Nebraska. --pp. 1063-6

Dawn--MR. JOHN WICKLIFF SHAWNESSY awakens in the town of Waycross. pp 3-9

Excerpts from a reading given by Larry Lockridge, July 2, 1995 at The Poet Tree in New York.

A postbellum litany  "The new Republic was something he hadn't foreseen." pp. 770-2.

Concerning American Politics (1872 / 1892) --I have to take cognizance of this new Populist movement, the Senator said.

Black had builded this republic. From flashback, 1859-60, pp. 438-9

"We pumped a cold fifty thousand into his campaign fund." -- the profane financier Cash Carney and The Great Strike of 1877. (pp.829-31

--I will never be converted again, Brother Jarvey. --Esther Shawnessy. The Reverend Lloyd G. Jarvey -- Ten Passages.

Hard roads and wide will run through Raintree County, and its ancient boundaries will dissolve. People will hunt it on the map, and it won't be there. (pp. 843-9)

--The world is still full of divinity and strangeness, Mr. Shawnessy said., (pp. 914-7)

War, said the Perfessor, is the most monstrous of all human illusions. (pp. 493-6)

Train doesn't know the earth it passes over. (pp. 232-3)

Summer was his season and his temple. (p. 758)

The Perfessor stopped and took a drink ...a sacred Other ...relinquished. (pp. 928-30)

Selections from Raintree County, Read in memory of Vernice Baker Lockridge, August 13, 1994, at Bloomington, IN.

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