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Raintree County was filmed in 1956, premiered and released in late 1957 by Metro Goldwyn Mayer towards the end of Hollywood's Golden Age, as publicized by M-G-M, "in the great tradition of civil war romance". The movie was lavishly conceived, made for the widescreen, with a great musical score by Johnny Green, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint, Lee Marvin, Nigel Patrick, Rod Taylor, Agnes Moorehead.

Film Score Monthly CD (released 2007) of Johnny Green's beautiful movie score!

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Photo by Cort Best for the Louisville Courier-Journal

"The Two Nell Gaithers, Eva Marie Saint and wife of the author of Raintree County,Vernice Baker Lockridge,
at the October 2 world premiere of the 1957 film in Louisville, Kentucky."



--a photo of the stars--from the liner notes of FSM's musical score
and used here with thanks to Turner Entertainment Co., A Warner Bros. Entertainment Company

To Images:

--Elizabeth Taylor, Monty Clift & Eva Marie Saint handling film of the MGM Lion.
--Eva Marie Saint, Monty Clift, and Liz Taylor on the steps of the burned out mansion.
--Nell Gaither attends the 4th of July foot race, played by Eva Marie Saint.
--Elizabeth Taylor on the Raintree County movie set in Danville, Kentucky, 1956.
--Hairdresser with her client Eva Marie Saint.
--Between takes, the picnic scene, Danville, Kentucky, 1956.
--Liz Taylor on Location, summer of 1956
--Monty Clift and Eva Marie Saint on Location, summer 1956
--Monty Clift and Liz Taylor in Character



"Raintree County Brief" by Stephen V. Russell, a remembrance.
On THE MOVIE, from Shade of the Raintree by Larry Lockridge.


Links to Raintree County Film Databases and Filming Production

--The Internet Movie Database - http://imdb.com/title/tt0050882/
"Raintree County: A Beautiful Evocation of the North During the Civil War"

--All-Movie Guide - http://www.allmovie.com/movie/raintree-county-v40164
"Conceived as a Gone With the Wind for the CinemaScope generation...."

--Turner Classic Movies - http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/87642/Raintree-County/

--On the Ultra Panavision/MGM Camera 65mm project
     "The first film in the process, Raintree County, was printed only in CinemaScope compatible 35mm." This page covers the "new" wide-screen camera that was used for filming Raintree County & has photos including director Edward Dmytryk and Eva Marie Saint. This page also has technical information on the M-G-M Camera 65, its "Ultra Panavision . . . the lenses were anamorphic rather than spherical." http://www.widescreenmuseum.com/widescreen/wingup2.htm

--"Gallery of Production Stills" contains on-set photos. And observations such as, "You will note that Eva Marie Saint is the only one in the group that is properly handling the film, holding it by the edges and wearing cotton gloves".

--On July 24, 2007 there was a two week Festival Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Release of the MGM classic film "Raintree County." This began in Danville, Kentucky with an Opening Night World Premiere of A Jarful of Fireflies, an original comedy about the filming of Raintree County. Audio memories of the Kentucky experience and more: The Pioneer Playhouse PODCASTS.


Soundtrack & Score

--A 2007 double audio CD released--

First release of the RAINTREE COUNTY soundtrack
with the captivating 1957 Nat King Cole M-G-M Orchestral vocal restored.

Including: "The Song of Raintree County" and "Never Till Now" - Music by Johnny Green, Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster
SAMPLE LISTENING on the Screen Archives Entertainment (SAE) Raintree County page.


 January 2007 Release

"Film Score Monthly's definitive edition -- on the eve of the movie's 50th anniversary -- features a comprehensive chronological program of Green's masterpiece (containing many previously unreleased cues and passages), along with a bonus section of alternate and unused cues. The entire score (save one-half of one cue) has been remixed and remastered from the original 35mm stereo master tapes for vastly improved sound quality."

--From FSM publicity materials

     "Cause for celebration, FSM reunites the orchestral score with the main title vocal performed by Nat King Cole -- Cole was a recording artist for Capitol Records, and previous albums had to replace his vocal with generic chorus for contractual reasons, while Cole's version of the song came out separately on a 45 rpm single. Cole's never-before-heard end title vocal is included as well (dropped from the film), while the alternate chorus versions are included as bonus tracks." --From FSM publicity materials

     "This album presents neither the literal film soundtrack, nor a replication of the familiar RCA tracks. Instead, it is a new program designed to encompass as much of the complete score as possible, while retaining certain RCA versions and segues with notable musicality. The second half of disc two than features a variety of alternate versions, source cues an demos." --From the liner notes by Ross Care

     Twenty-six pages of liner notes by Ross Care including a program commentary relating each track to the film's context, plus 21 images.

* * *

Johnny Green, Composer of the Score of Raintree County

     "Among film music buffs, Raintree County has long been celebrated for Johnny Green's landmark musical score, one of the most lyrical and atmospheric of all time." --From the FSM CD liner notes by Ross Care

--Photo of Johnny Green thanks to Turner Entertainment Co., A Warner Bros. Entertainment Company--


--An in-depth and entertaining analysis by Ross Care on the Raintree County movie score by John Green, first published in Performing Arts--Motion Pictures, the Library of Congress, 1998, and is reprinted here with additions and a new introduction. (To excerpts with images.) To complete analysis see Care's liner notes booklet for the recent 2-CD Film Score Monthly release of the RAINTREE COUNTY soundtrack.

Raintree County on Soundtrack, The Cinemascore & Soundtrack Archives
HERE for An Interview with John Green by Ford A. Thaxton and A discussion of the Score by Johnny Green.
Special thanks to
Soundtrack for this posting.

"The Incomparable Nat King Cole" - Cole singing "The Song of Raintree County," lyrics by Paul Francis Webster, music by John Green. Nat King Cole (1957) live and as recorded. (Note that YouTube & Google links can be short lived; if broken search).

Piano sheet music for "The Song of Raintree County." Robbins Music Corporation's 1957 sheet music publication in facsimile. (216 k)

Four-Hole OCARINA tablature for "The Song of Raintree County", Click Here.


Movie Clips on YouTube Including Several Roadshow Cuts

--Raintree County (1957) Trailer . There are many Raintree County movie clips that spring up on YouTube.
--Raintree County, clip with - DeForest Kelley
--Roadshow Cuts? The roadshow version contained an additional 14 minutes, 48 seconds (9 trims). Alterations had been posted on YouTube comparing the Roadshow to the later general release version but these have appartently been moved or removed. Information, Roadshow links sought here:
@raintreecounty.com . Please put "Raintree County" in the Subject.
     Fyi, here's a list of scenes contained in the roadshow version that are not in the general release version:

RAINTREE COUNTY ­ ROADSHOW CUTS: 14 minutes, 48 seconds

-Nell and Garwood after graduation - 40 seconds
-Swamp ­ 58 seconds
-Professor and John in cornfield ­ 71 seconds
-John and Father illegitimacy discussion­ 1 minute, 53 seconds
-John, Bobby Drake and slave ­ 2 minutes, 16 seconds
-John , Niles ­ unfulfilled ambition ­ 1 minute, 46 seconds [key scene]
-John going to homestead and Susanna in labor ­ 55 seconds [the lead in uses an alternate take as well]
-John's Search in Indianapolis, visit to Garwood, photographer and Decision to enlist ­ 4 minutes, 34 seconds
-Susanna's Decision and Search for the doll­ 35 seconds



--As part of the overture, Nat Cole sings "The Song of Raintree County."
--With nearly 21 minutes of footage not seen since its 1957 premiere engagements. Color/187 Minutes.
--Including special features before the movie: behind-the-scenes documentary Operation Raintree and the original theatrical trailer.
--Raintree County is presented in a "letterbox" widescreen format preserving the 2.35:1 "scope" aspect ratio of its original 35mm theatrical exhibition.

http://www.amazon.com/ Search under "Used Videos" or "VHS" for Raintree County. Keep the faith that there will soon be a DVD!


Raintree County Memorabilia

---Image provided by David Nale--

To: Raintree County Brief, by Stephen V. Russell, May 4, 1990    

And inquires concerning Raintree County Movie memorabilia can also be made through this link:

Stephen V. Russell Raintree County Memorabilia


Raintree County

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