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Encompassing the American Spirit, By Charles Lee, Jan. 4, 1948--New York Times. "....'Raintree County' remains an achievement of art and purpose, a cosmically brooding book full of significance and beauty."


Flashing Vision of America Lost and Found", by James Hilton, Jan. 4, 1948--New York Herald Tribune. "After World War I came 'Main Street'; after World War II has come 'Raintree County,' by Ross Lockridge jr. ...."


Indiana Reflection of U. S. 1844-92", by Howard M. Jones, Jan. 3, 1948--Saturday Review. "Latest candidate for that mythical honor, the Great American Novel, 'Raintree County' displays unflagging industry, a jerky and sometimes magnificent vitality, a queer amalgam of pattern and formlessness, and an ingenuity of structure that is at once admirable and maddening. ...."


Lockridge Novel is Lusty Comedy--Indiana Epic Has Touch of Thomas Wolfe", By Kelsey Guilfoil, Jan. 4, 1948--Chicago Sunday Tribune. ".... If I have compared it to the work of Thomas Wolfe, that was not said in derogation. In many ways it is better than Wolfe. It certainly comes closer to the heart of America, and is less distorted in its view of life than Wolfe often is. ...."


Raintree County

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