"The Lake Gang"

A reunion of some of "The Lake Gang" (a group of friends who often spent vacations together in Northern Indiana)

August 1941

1st row, sitting on ground, left to right, Ross Lockridge, Jr., Otto Grant;
2nd row, (child) Ernest Lockridge, Vernice Baker Lockridge, Martha Martz Grant;
3rd row, all standing left of tree, Susan Spriggs, Maurice Gherke, Wilma Jean Schmalz Gherke, Morris Binkley, Alice Binkley;
4th row, (faces behind Wilma & Morris) Mary Eloise Dillin, Hugh Dillin.

      The two standing to the right of the tree remain unidentified. If you think you can ID them, please write us: Email. Other photos of "The Gang" are welcome.

      By 1941, the couples pictured were married. The earlier lake visits were all strictly non-co-ed. Sometimes, "the Boys" would have a separate cottage around the Lake.

      It is thought that Joe Bill Spriggs may have taken the photo.

--Special thanks to Nota and John McGreevey (not pictured) and Alice Binkley for their aid in the identifications--

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