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Ross, Jr. and Vernice Lockridge -- the old Shockley home

Straughn, Indiana--summer of 1946


     Ross, Jr. and Vernice Lockridge return to the old Shockley home in Straughn, Indiana (Henry County) in the summer of 1946, following acceptance by Houghton Mifflin of the novel Raintree County.


Raintree County historical background connections with Henry County?

     The Henry County Historical Society, New Castle, Indiana, had (in 1994) maps of Raintree County "real life" sites throughout Henry County. Many old graveyards remain including W.B. Shockley's (the character, T.D's) original farmhouse, where the rock at the limit of the land had originally been. (It had been removed from its historical location to a local school to protect it from wayward cars). It appears that the Historical Society website itself focuses on the building & museum in New Castle rather than the County as a whole, however inquires can be made.

     Further information about Henry County check the "rootsweb" site for Henry County. This site, which is part of "INGENWEB" provides links and information in many categories included a page on the Lockridge family, Raintree County, and the historical connections in the book.

     What was the Shockley home still exists on route 40. As one goes through town, west to east, it's on the right, perhaps two-thirds of the way through Straughn. Voyagers, please do not disturb the current owners.

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