On the Health Effects of diesel

Good Reason to Keep Rural Community Roads Modest

     "Diesel is toxic to lung functions, and there are dozens of human studies where diesel is linked to cancer, and recent research linked diesel to asthma." --Dr. Gina Solomon, senior scientist at the California-based Natural Resources Defense Council, From STPP, Transfer - Vol. 8, Issue 4 Feb. 19, 2002



"Air Pollution & Brain Cancer"

     Concerns over childhood asthma and lung cancer have led to the passage of a bill in California that will block the building of new schools near major freeways and busy roads. Tiny particles from passing diesel vehicle pose some of the biggest dangers to health. Now, an emerging study may show that air pollution is not only linked to respiratory problems, but may also to brain cancer. Air pollution from diesel exhaust has been known to contribute to respiratory problems like asthma and lung cancer. Now, new research may show a link between tiny particles of pollution and brain cancer.
     --Host Steve Curwood speaks with Dr. Keith Black, director of neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, "Air Pollution & Brain Cancer", transcript, Living on Earth, Oct. 3. 2003.


"On the Road That's Travelled"

     Living, or working, near a freeway may be convenient, but a new study shows that it can also lead to health problems and that spending a lot of time near a freeway may be worse for your health than previously thought. New technology is allowing scientists to discover a kind of particle, which they are calling "ultrafines." These are so small that as many as 500 can fit into the width of a human hair.
     --Rose Hoban reports from Los Angeles, "On the Road That's Travelled", transcript, NPR Radio Program: "Living On Earth", June 13, 2003.

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