"At the intersection of the two roads, he looked west..."

--An example of Ross Lockridge, Jr.'s attention to details of historic accuracy--

As Larry Lockridge notes: "Neither sickness, death, birth, visitors, teaching, nor even paper-grading was going to slow my father in this labors, as he pushed forward the Dream Section that would be the culmination of that sudden vision he had had in Paris in the spring of 1934.
Though writing phantasmagoria at the time, he recalled that he hadn't yet investigated the phase of the moon for the night of July 4, 1892. Widener Library had an almanac for that year and he was greatly pleased to discover the moon had set at 12:39, just after he had planned to have John Shawnessy bid farewell to his old friend Jerusalem Webster Stiles at the train station." --Shade of the Raintree, p 255.
(See also page 1058 of Raintree County)

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"Moon": Research notes for moon position the evening of July 4, 1892

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